The Honours

Bringing a touch of Parisian flair to Scotland.

Art Direction
Brand Identity
Website Design

Martin Wishart is one of the UK’s most respected restaurateurs, with two Michelin-starred restaurants to his name. We created the name and identity for a more informal, Parisian-influenced brasserie in Edinburgh.

Given its illustrious location on North Castle Street, we named this new venture The Honours in 1818, Sir Walter Scott famously unearthed the crown jewels, the Honours of Scotland, at Edinburgh Castle. We crafted a marque based on the initials ‘TH’, which also form an abstracted profile of a table and chairs setting.

Working with photographer Matt Davis, we art directed a suite of images that communicated the vibrancy and atmosphere of the space. We also produced an accompanying suite of collateral for the restaurant reflecting the venue’s sense of luxury and attention to detail.

We were keen to ensure that the website design reflected the quality and attention to detail that customers expect from a Michelin-starred chef.