Scottish Chamber Orchestra

Hitting all the right notes for an iconic ensemble.

Art Direction
Web Design

Having appointed a charismatic new Principal Conductor, Maxim Emelyanychev, the SCO were keen to dispel preconceptions that their concerts were exclusive or stuffy, and having experienced the energy and enthusiasm of a live performance for ourselves, we proposed a more human approach to promoting the orchestra.

Our discussions with the SCO team led us to a simple but heartfelt brand message — Life played with passion. This encapsulated the sheer dedication and love of music the Orchestra members clearly had, so we placed it front and centre in the creative campaign.

Working in collaboration with photographer Christina Kernohan (who already had extensive experience of shooting musicians), we art-directed a series of bold, informal black and white portraits of many of the Scottish Chamber Orchestra members, capturing their individual personalities and passion for playing.

To launch the campaign we designed a website that harnessed the skill and passion of the orchestra. Thanks to the simple bold design and UI, visitors to the website can easily book concerts, discover more about the players and enjoy digital performances on demand.

Building on the brand foundations, we designed a range of campaign material in a suitably distinctive black, white and gold colour palette, ranging from season brochures and outdoor ads to tote bags and supporting collateral. This also set the tone for our social media campaign, a launch video and venue dressing created in-house for the season launch event.