Redmayne Bentley

Telling the story of a proudly independent firm.

Art Direction
Brand Identity
Graphic Design

One of the UK’s largest independently-owned stockbrokers and investment managers, Redmayne-Bentley tasked us with reimagining their brand to reflect the company’s position as a professional and forward-looking organisation, without losing sight of their rich heritage.

Established in 1875, Redmayne-Bentley are fiercely proud of their independence, so we were keen to tell a unique and engaging story that reflects a bold and confident brand.

The starting point for this story was the cash box that company founder John Redmayne had in his office, which formed the basis of the distinctive ‘RB’ monogram.

A considered colour palette sets Redmayne-Bentley apart from their competitors, while balanced typography and contemporary layouts were designed to appeal to a broader client base.

Working with illustrator Edward Tuckwell, we commissioned and art directed a series of images that convey the optimism and energy that underpins the revitalised Redmayne-Bentley brand. With an emphasis on upward movement and ‘the journey’, these are ‘big’ images that subtly nod to where the company has been and where it is still to go.

The resultant brand is clear and confident, with this confidence grounded in Redmayne-Bentley’s success, continued evolution, and proud history.