Majedie Journal

Making sense of the numbers with Majedie.

Art Direction
Graphic Design
Print Design
Website Design

Majedie Asset Management is an independent investment boutique that prides itself on performance in the market. After successfully pitching our services, we were commissioned to create and deliver a publication aimed at investors and stakeholders that would reflect their world-view.

Inspired by Majedie’s belief in detailed research, local knowledge and lived economic experience, we proposed a piece in the form of a journal.

Working in close collaboration with the client inspired us to create a piece that pushed the boundaries of what a corporate financial piece could look like.

Restrained editorial design and layout lends weight to the articles in each issue, while illustration and imagery from a range of talented illustrators and photographers brings Majedie’s thinking to life.

When it came to creating a digital version of the Majedie Journal, we were inspired to bring in some of our favourite illustrators to work alongside our talented in-house team.

Majedie were keen that the digital version of the Journal should feel compelling but never gimmicky, so we introduced a suite of subtle transitions, scroll effects and animations to bring the selected stories to life.