Edinburgh International Festival

Communicating a new-look to a global audience.

Brand Identity

Following the phenomenal success of our campaigns for the 2012 and 2013 editions of the Edinburgh International Festival, we were once again invited to work with the organisation, this time to develop their nascent brand identity and deliver a campaign for 2016.

A bold, copy-led approach fitted perfectly with the disruptive, deliberately human look and feel of the new identity. Visitors to the capital and locals alike were greeted with the deceptively simple and timely campaign message, Welcome, World which appeared on key sites and venues throughout the city.

The creative proved enormously successful, with images of the iconic campaign appearing on countless social media feeds alongside the #welcomeworld hashtag, as local and visitors celebrated the festival city.

Genre-specific communication played on the scope and diversity of the work on show while lending a more emotive tone of voice to the refreshed brand.