Cycling Scotland

Planning the journey for a cycling charity.

Art Direction
Brand Identity

It’s not every day you get to rebrand Scotland’s national cycling charity, so before embarking on any creative work we led the Cycling Scotland team on a series of brand workshops that gave us an insight into their organisational structure, opportunities and challenges.

From our conversations it became apparent that Cycling Scotland’s marketing material required some rationalisation, and that they needed a simpler, more coherent brand identity that reflected their professionalism, ambition and inclusive approach.

Inspired by connection and collaboration, the new visual identity employs modern, friendly typography, customised with ligatures that suggest connectivity. These provide the basis of a unique typestyle to bring unity to the organisation’s programmes and brand family. The predominantly blue colour palette reinforces Cycling Scotland’s position as the nation’s cycling organisation, with hi-viz pink elements providing highlights.

Following the delivery of comprehensive brand guidelines as well as a wide range of print and digital assets for launch, we were commissioned to design the Cycling Scotland annual report.

We balanced inspirational photography and copy with statistics and results communicated in clear and engaging infographics. In keeping with Cycling Scotland’s values on sustainability, the printed report was produced responsibly and certified under the FSC system.

Concurrently with developing the new Cycling Scotland brand, we worked on the campaign for the organisation’s most high profile event, Pedal for Scotland. We created a special 20th-anniversary marque, promotional videos, visual guidelines for the campaign and designed the official technical t-shirt. The event was a phenomenal success, with over 8,000 people taking part and an average amount raised for charity per person of £659.