Charlotte Street Partners

Changing the conversation with a thought-leader.

Art Direction
Brand Identity
Web Design

Charlotte Street Partners are one of Scotland’s most highly regarded strategic communications agencies, so when they approached us with a brief to reimagine their brand and digital presence, we knew there was scope to make a real statement.

While we were initially tasked with a website, through our initial workshops with Charlotte Street it became apparent that they required a brand identity that better reflected their status a thought leader in comms and PR.

Building on their brand promise of being ‘from a different place’ both geographically and strategically, we created a visual identity that mixes bold type with a circular device that serves as a window into the Charlotte Street world.

Further emphasising this concept, our art direction blends shots of the Charlotte Street team at work with landscapes to create a striking juxtaposition.

We completely reimagined the website, introducing a much more editorial feel that puts the Charlotte Street team front and centre, with case studies, opinion pieces and testimonials that give potential clients much more of a flavour of their refreshed brand proposition.