Capability Scotland

Plotting a new direction for a disability charity.

Brand Identity
Graphic Design

We were initially invited to design a new logo for Capability Scotland, although it soon became apparent that a more holistic approach was required to reaffirm the organisation’s position as the care provider of choice for Scotland’s disabled people and their supporters.

Playing on both the organisation’s approachability and geographic reach within a single icon, we developed a device with a sense of trust and positivity values that are key to Capability Scotland’s work.

Working closely alongside key stakeholders at the organisation, these values were then distilled into a reaffirming supporting line, ‘Here for disabled people’ that would help communicate the charities vision more easily. A vivid and flexible colour palette speaks to a variety of audiences while clear, clean typography puts information first.

We also conceivedĀ a series of playful CS word pairings, setting a precedent for an uplifting and direct tone of voice for use across the organisation.