Vorn Bioenergy

Harnessing the potential of bioenergy.

Brand Identity
Brand Naming

Green Investment Group (GIG) is a specialist green investor within Macquarie Asset Management, and a global leader in the development of companies, assets and technologies that aim to accelerate the global transition to net zero.

GIG appointed us to create a name and brand for their recent acquisition, of BayWa r.e.’s biomethane arm, BayWa Bioenergy. Collaborating with key stakeholders from GIG and BayWa Bioenergy, we researched the sector, considering the values, aspirations and opportunities that lay ahead, before proposing a series of naming options.

Conscious of the need to deliver something that not only resonated with the established German agricultural and bioenergy sectors but also looked outwards to European markets, we landed on the word Vorn, which in German means “at the front”. Immediate, easily pronounceable and with plenty of positive associations, this was chosen as the new name.

Following our discussions it became evident that there was an opportunity to position the brand with a more explicitly forward-looking circular narrative, harnessing the organisation’s innovation and expertise within the field of bioenergy. Inspired by the concept and infinite nature of the Möbius strip, our V-symbol perfectly encompasses the circularity and continuous processes of renewable energy, while giving our brand a unique mark of quality that conveys a sense of professionalism and ingenuity.

A high contrast teal and blue palette underpin the brand’s professionalism and add a sense of energy to a sector frequently dominated by green and brown tones.