Powering up a front runner for India’s EV sector.

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Macquarie Asset Management appointed us to create a new name and brand for an innovative brand project in India in partnership with the UN. India has an ambitious vehicle electrification target of achieving 40% electric buses and 70% electric commercial cars by 2030.

With funding from Macquarie and the Green Climate Fund, the financial mechanism of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) work is underway on a new $US 1.5 billion EV fleet electrification solutions platform. To deliver this ambitious goal Macquarie required a brand with impact to help drive large-scale adoption of electric vehicles in India.

In order to better understand the opportunities and considerations within India’s fast-emerging EV sector, we engaged a number of key stakeholders in the region via a series of brand workshops and discussions, before starting the naming process. Naming the new company posed a number of challenges – we needed to land on something immediate, unique and easily pronounceable for an Indian audience, that would reflect the global outlook of Macquarie Investment Management and the UN.

A subtle marriage of the EV-focussed words ‘Convert’ and ‘Velocity’, our chosen name Vertelo is not only simple and easy to pronounce but also gives a nod to sustainability through the ‘vert’ (green) part of the word.

Inspired by the circularity of the 24-spoked Ashoka Chakra wheel of the Indian Flag, our ‘v-wheel’ symbol perfectly encompasses the circularity and continuous processes of renewable energy, while giving a unique mark that conveys a sense of professionalism and ingenuity. With a contemporary green and blue palette, chosen for its universal appeal, dynamism and energy, we rolled out the Vertelo branding across a range of applications.

“Vertelo aims to play a key role in accelerating this transition by making
it easy for its customers to realise the benefits of going electric immediately.”

Macquarie Group