Haldane Energy

Accelerating the journey to net zero.

Art Direction
Brand Identity
Tone of Voice

Windward, currently poised to become one of the UK’s leading renewable energy groups, tasked us with creating a brand identity for Haldane Energy, their emerging Hydrogen Energy business that was developing a “full stream” UK-wide model encompassing green hydrogen production, storage and offtake.

The UK is committed to reaching net zero by 2050 and electricity will play an increasing role in transport, industry and heating. One of the potential solutions to this electrification is Hydrogen Energy – via the introduction of Long Duration Energy Storage (LDES) projects, employing electrolysers to produce green hydrogen from excess renewable electricity before storing it in underground salt caverns.

While the technology behind Hydrogen Energy may be cutting edge, it was in fact predicted by British scientist JS Haldane, who in 1923 envisioned a world where hydrogen-based renewable energy was a major player in meeting society’s power needs. Inspired by the company’s namesake, we wanted to deliver a bold new brand identity for Haldane that shows the potential of this fast-growing sector.

Inspired by the flexible infrastructure and creation of energy and pioneering processes at the project’s core, this approach makes use of a dynamic “H” symbol that hints at the positive generation of renewable energy. Across all touch points, we wanted to convey a forward-looking approach to renewables and confidently communicate the passion, ambition and expertise of the people involved in working towards a sustainable world.