Crafting an Edinburgh original.

Brand Identity
Brand Naming

Established in 2018, Holyrood is Edinburgh’s first single malt whisky distillery in over a century. Following the success of our brand and design work for their cask collection, rum and Height of Arrows gin, we were tasked with creating a name and fresh new brand for the inaugural single malt release.

Inspired by Holyrood’s iconic location in the former Innocent Railway terminal, our name, Arrival not only gives a nod to Edinburgh’s pioneering past but also invokes a sense of achievement in creating the city’s first single malt in almost a hundred years.

Drawing on Edinburgh’s rich brewing heritage the distinctive beer bottle silhouette and brown glass are inspired by the historic designs of a once-bustling local glassworks at Portobello — this nod to Edinburgh’s coastline connects the landscape of the city, from Holyrood down to the sea. The bespoke bottle puts the distillery’s iconic hourglass marque front and centre, alluding to the significance of time in the whisky distillation process.