Crafting a new identity for a historic Edwardian manor.


Located in the picturesque Tweed Valley and the former home of a cashmere magnate, Windlestraw Lodge was re-opened by its new owners as a boutique getaway destination. We created a new visual identity that would appeal to a more discerning customer and re-connect their audience with the building’s history and idyllic location.

In old Scots, Windlestraw means a thin dried stalk of grass. Taking inspiration from the name and countryside location, stylised blades of grass form an iconic W device. The overlapping stalks provide a subtle nod to the original owners reputation as Master Weavers.

Elegant typography that employs a bespoke W detail throughout and a single highlight colour add a simple sense of luxury.

We also created a set of monolinear illustrations of the building and some of its more unique period details for use both on and offline.

We designed and developed a clean and spacious site for the venues online presence, showcasing the space and its unique setting while allowing the user to experience the journey they could embark upon while staying at the venue.