A mythical start for this luxury Scottish sporting company.


Commercial property experts CKD Galbraith enlisted our services for a full rebrand of their exclusive Sporting Lets division, which specialised in luxury Scottish travel experiences.

First on the list was a new name. The client was keen on something inherently Scottish and romantic that was easily pronounceable, so we came up with Ossian. Ossian was a legendary Celtic warrior and bard said to have lived in the 3rd century. This name captures the myth and magic of the Scottish landscape.

As a nod to the company’s sporting heritage we created a graphic pheasant icon that perches proudly atop the Ossian word marque. This premium yet playful identity was supported by the strapline, Extraordinary Adventures in Scotland.

For the brochure, field photography of the Scottish countryside captured all the atmosphere of the Ossian experience, while tactile premium paper stocks and a foiled finish gave a flavour of the attention to detail that guests could expect.

An immersive full screen video introduces the Ossian presence online, while bold typographic statements and landscape imagery set the scene and encouraged potential guests to get in touch and experience Ossian for themselves.